Person smiling and using dental floss to clean their teeth

Strength of Dental Floss

Dental floss has many purposes according to Robert Dale Shepard, in 1994. Robert was a prison inmate at South Central Regional Jail in South Charleston when he escaped prison, with dental floss. I know this sounds ridiculous but it is in fact the truth, he braided 48 strands of mint flavored floss and scaled a wall to his freedom. Although his freedom only lasted 41 days, all I can wonder is whether or not he used some of that floss on his journey through the woods. Did he care about his oral hygiene at this point? Did he even floss prior to using it to escape?

Two days before his great escape he had attempted the same stunt, but failed. He apparently didn’t have enough floss to make the rope long enough to thread it through the fence. No one thought this was a task strange? I would be genuinely concerned.. Where did he even get this much floss? How did no one notice?  Apparently he bought two 100 yard packs of floss from the commissary and traded other inmates for more floss. In total his rope took 7 packs of floss. Although this Spiderman copycat was very creative using floss, we recommend that you use floss for your teeth. 35% of your teeth’s surfaces you miss when brushing, use the floss to take care of that… not scaling prison walls and escaping..

Better yet just don’t go to prison.

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