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How to Brush Your Teeth Properly

This video is all about brushing your teeth — directed at children. Some topics include: plaque, cavities, and how to brush your teeth. The video also tells you how much fluoride toothpaste to put on your toothbrush, and the best methods to use when brushing your teeth. There is also instructions on how to floss your teeth. Diet and general health tips are also included, such as eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water.

Video Credits: My Kids’ Dentist

As dental professionals we believe in preventative dental care and encourage our patients to bring their children to our office from an early age. Regular check-ups from a young age will ensure children won’t suffer from untreated dental decay with devastating effects to their growing dentition. There are a number of preventative treatments that our team can provide for children.

Studies have shown that the younger the age that you bring your child to the dental practice, even if just for a check-up, the more likely they are to have a positive experience and grow up not to be afraid of the dentist. Our team will take special care of your child to make them feel safe and cared for.

Treating a child from an early age also allows the dentist to spot early signs of underbites, cross bites or overbites developing. As with most things, the sooner you can start to treat it, the quicker it can be resolved.

Prevention is always better than cure so call the practice today to make an appointment for your child.

Professional Flouride Treatment
Fluoride applications are a safe and effective way to safeguard your child’s teeth from developing decay. The fluoride is painted onto the surface of the child’s teeth and this helps to mineralize them and prevent cavities from starting.

Pt and Fissure sealants are tooth coloured material that are applied to biting surfaces of children’s teeth to prevent decay. There is no removing any tooth structure and this simple procedure can be done in 20 minutes.

Kids Braces
Braces (Orthodontics) treatment is the repositioning or alignment of teeth. It not only corrects the alignment of teeth but also boosts self confidence in your child. Intervention can be started at a young age to stop problems from developing.

Kids Scaling
Scaling is the procedure to remove calculus, plaque and stains from teeth. Timely scaling is imporatant to protect your child’s teeth from cavities. As a parent, you have a big role to play in keeping your child’s teeth healthy and clean. You can help prevent cavities. Prevention starts at home, with good eating habits and daily cleaning of the teeth.

Kids Restorations
Though children are using a set of teeth they will eventually lose, that set of teeth needs to survive until the adult teeth guide them out of the gums. This helps to ensure the adult teeth grow in correctly and with enough room. Restoring the primary teeth is important for general good health.

Thumb Sucking Habit
This habbit should be stopped before the age of 4 years. It can cause major damage to your child’s teeth and jaw growth. With a thumb sucking appliance we can easily break the thumb sucking habit. There are a few options for this treatment and your dentist will be happy to discuss them with you.

All white crowns for front teeth
The alternative to stainless steel crowns is available to protect your child’s teeth from decay. If you have concerns about the appearance of the teeth this is the best option.

Stainless steel Crowns
We provide stainless steel crowns to protect and preserve the teeth from further damage. These crowns provide strength and longevity of the primary teeth allowing a natural exfoliation and giving the adult teeth proper time to develop.

Tongue thrusting habit
Tongue thrusting is called reverse swallow in which the tongue comes in between the front teeth while sleeping, eating, during speech or while the tongue is at rest. This leads to a gap between the upper and lower teeth which may need complex orthodontic treatment to fix in the future. This can easily be treated with a tongue thrusting appliance if diagnosed at right age. 

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