Listerine Anyone?

The plaque found on your teeth is home to more than 300 different species of bacteria. Listerine anyone? Reading that you probably think it isn’t true or that it’s an over exaggeration, well you’re wrong. Now keep in mind some of that bacteria is good, so you don’t have to completely freak out.. For example: some of the good bacteria help to digest food and even fight the bad bacteria. The bacteria that we want you to be fighting off are the malicious bacteria, which love to cause you issues.

Plaque and tartar build up can give you bad breath, so if your colleague at work offers you a breath mint, it’s probably because you’re making their eyes water. Also something that you probably didn’t know: The bacteria in plaque can drastically weaken your tooth enamel, leading to cavities and a hefty bill at the end of your appointment. I can promise you that we don’t enjoy freezing your entire mouth, filling your 17 cavities and then charging you a down payment on a house. That being said we do follow a set fee guide from the Ontario Dental Association- so take it up with them.

Oh yeah and another thing, those bleeding gums of yours is from the build-up of plaque bacteria. When you brush your teeth or floss and your gums start to bleed and are inflamed, RED FLAG! You have build-up and need to see a dental professional to help clean under your gums. For all of you penny pinchers out there, yeah I’m talking to you coupon clippers- please don’t go to the store and grab yourself one of those makeshift scalers, that never ends well..

The million dollar question here is what causes plaque? Well ladies and gents, you’ve been hearing this since you could comprehend what was being said to you. SUGAR! You have a sweet tooth? So does plaque and it literally feasts on sugar, plaque loves sugar like Bonnie loves Clyde. A lot of big words are coming at you in this next sentence, so bear with us. The bacterial degradation of fermentable sugar produces acid that could lead to tooth decay in the long run. Meaning: keep tangoing with those sour keys and you might have to take out a loan or grab a denture.

Okay so let’s wrap things up here. I know it seems ridiculous or a bit extreme to stop eating your favourite candy all together, because it is. People it’s all in moderation so eat your sour keys but brush your teeth, and see your hygienist for your regular cleaning appointments. Don’t wait 5 years in between because “you clean them fine at home.” The reality is you don’t- Mic drop.


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