How long are you brushing for?

The average person spends approximately 48 seconds per day brushing their teeth; however your dentist recommends 2- 3 minutes. Ideally you should be brushing 1 and a half minutes on your top teeth and then 1 and a half minutes on your bottom teeth. So how do you get your little one to brush their teeth for 3 minutes when you can’t even get them to brush their teeth period? Well you pin that rug rat down and brush the teeth for them.. I’m joking don’t do that, seriously don’t. What you can do is get a timer to make it enjoyable for them, you can play some music and have a teeth brushing dance party or there are electric toothbrushes now days that have a timer. Between you and I, I bring my IPad into the washroom and watch my favourite TV show while brushing.

Folks if you aren’t brushing your teeth for long enough, then your pearly whites probably aren’t so pearly. You aren’t getting your teeth clean enough in 48 seconds, leaving bacteria behind and causing gingivitis or periodontitis. Your dentist and hygienist can help you with brushing techniques and get your oral hygiene on track, but you’re on your own with the dance moves. We bust calculus, not moves.


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