Dental Implants: Smiles for everyone

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Need to replace that missing or bad tooth?

Dental implants are the answer to having a timeless smile forever. When the first dentist began replacing teeth with dentures and partials, many people’s lives were changed forever. Boosting confidence, replacing teeth began to become more and more popular. Today, there is a great procedure where you can get teeth implanted and use them as your own set of teeth without the inconvenience of removal. In fact, for more than 30 years, there have been millions of people who have successfully had dental implants.

Because missing teeth can affect your bone structure over time as well as the way you even chew food, it is always suggested that you get replacement teeth of some kind. Dental Implants make it possible for the wearer to enjoy the look of great teeth without the inconvenience that wearing partials might create. If you want teeth that look natural and are a healthy alternative to dentures or partials, getting teeth implanted is the best choice.

5 reasons getting dental implants may be right for you

  1. You may have missing teeth, causing other teeth to begin to shift or create gaps in places you don’t want. This can make it hard for you to keep your remaining teeth clean and change the overall look of your smile.
  2. If you are having a hard time chewing your food, or perhaps your jaws hurt more regularly because of your missing teeth, dental implants can correct those complications.
  3. Not many like the way their smiles look when they are missing teeth, especially the front ones. Dental implants can replace those missing teeth and give you a more confident smile.
  4. Do you have a hard time taking care of partials and even losing your teeth or forgetting to put them in? A Dental implant procedure surgically replaces your teeth so that you don’t have to worry about remembering your teeth.
  5. If you are missing your front teeth, your speech can be affected, dental implants can even improve your speech and without the risk of dentures being loose or falling out.

Do I need to replace my teeth?

If you want healthy, natural looking teeth, dental implants are perfect for you. In fact, they are the closest thing you can get to natural teeth. Being easy to clean, stimulating bone growth, and being a predictable surgical outcome, they are done by implanting a base that bonds with the bone that holds the “screw-like” crowns or teeth. They help improve your eating experience, your overall look, and talking and cleaning are much easier accomplished.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

  1. Chewing is easier and safer
  2. Makes the face look full again, giving structure back to the jaw and cheek bones.
  3. Gives you back the natural function of your teeth
  4. Makes you feel better about yourself.
  5. No need to remove them or risk losing them or falling out.

Why Choose Dr. Dhaliwal and the team at Galt Dental Care?

  1. Personalized treatment plan
  2. We care about your needs so we are always there if you have any questions.
  3. We have payment plans and options that are flexible
  4. We want to make sure that your dental implants look as natural as possible, so it is always our mission to create a look for you that is healthy and makes you happy.


Dental Implants are great for people of many ages. Whether you have a tooth missing or you have multiple, having teeth implanted can recreate your smile and boost your confidence. Let Galt Dental Care help change your life by showing you just how great your smile can be!

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