Dental Emergency? Here’s what you can do

Time and time again, you may catch yourself taking that extra pain reliever to block out the throbbing pain in the side of your jaw. Too many times you have put that lidocaine gel on your tooth that has kept you from eating the things you love. When your tooth hurts, everything else seems to hurt too. This is because tcustom jersey basket softball jerseys تيشرتات ماركات نسائيه brosse pour nettoyer les pailles Canada softball jerseys kappa monokey cbr 1100 xx μπαταρια iphone εγγύηση 302 κυκλουσ μπαταρια iphone εγγύηση 302 κυκλουσ nfl jersey store kappa monokey cbr 1100 xx geaca jordan barbati pánská bunda kappa vasil sobretudos outlet Portugal bradley dolma kalem puma nova pastel he nerves in your mouth are some of the most sensitive parts of the human body. When your tooth or teeth become such a problem that it affects your daily life, it is time to consider that you are in need of Emergency Dental Care.  

First thing’s first, call your dentist! We, at Galt Dental Care want to take care of you and your teeth and want to ensure that you are always safe and comfortable. Let us take care of your dental emergencies today!

Next, you probably want to know how to manage your tooth pain until you can see your dentist!

Tooth Pain

You have a couple of options when it comes to temporary pain relief. Sometimes you may not be able to get into a dentist as quickly as you would like and need something to help relieve some of the swelling and throbbing you might be experiencing.

You can take over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen, as directed. Try to avoid aspirin, as it is a blood thinner and may only cause further issues. This is for temporary relief only. You should make an appointment with your dentist for advice and long term relief as soon as possible.
You can also rinse with warm salt water often and after any meals for swelling
Of course, there is always brushing your teeth and flossing between them. This will clean your mouth and remove any dislodged or decayed food that might have been left behind.
Cleaning around each tooth and in between them is really important and can help you avoid other problems later. When food gets lodged in the root area of the tooth, it can cause pain and make your whole mouth feel uncomfortable.


Types of Dental Emergencies


Knocked out tooth

This is an emergency and it is important for you to see a dentist within the hour of the incident. First you should call your Galt dentist immediately at 519-622-5950. If it is an adult tooth, your dentist may advise that you to rinse the tooth while keeping away from the root area, and try to place it back where it belongs while keeping it moist. Get you or the child to a dentist immediately, as it affects the blood vessels and nerves of the tooth and can make it harder for the tooth to replanted. You can soak your tooth in salt water or milk until you get to the dentist, in order to ensure there is no further damage being done to the tooth and to keep it alive.

The American Association of Endodontists says “Proper emergency action can save the tooth so that it can be replanted successfully and last for years to come.” This means, just because the tooth is knocked out, doesn’t mean it is lost for good!

Should you have a dental emergency from a tooth that is knocked out: Immediately call Galt Dental Care at 519-622-5950 and book an emergency dental appointment right away.


Broken Tooth

Yes, teeth can break. Whether it be a crown, a filling, or even just a piece of tooth, you want to take care of your tooth the same way you would if you would have knocked it out. Soak your broken piece of tooth in salt water or milk and call your dentist immediately. Usually, a fractured tooth can create swelling and pain in the area around the injury as well as cause discomfort. If you think you may experience swelling and pain, you may want to take an anti-inflammatory pain reliever and use an ice pack on your face just opposite the tooth. If it is your dentures that have fractured, you can use super glue as a temporary fix until you can make it to the dentist.

Tooth out of place or dislodged?

This usually happens when the tooth is still attached but has been moved or pushed away from its socket. You need to contact your dentist immediately and is usually called “extruded tooth”. If you want your tooth saved, contacting your dentist is crucial. If it isn’t broken and the nerves, tissues and blood vessels are still intact, then an extruded tooth can be easily saved by our professional dentists.



No matter what your pain in the mouth is, you don’t want to ignore it and have it possibly lead to more pain and expensive treatments. Call your dentist today to schedule an appointment, and be sure to let us know what your symptoms are so we can help you determine if you need to see a dentist right away!

At Galt Dental Care, we want to ensure that you get the best dental and medical attention that you need. No matter what the dental emergency, we want to help relieve your pain and get your teeth and gums feeling better in no time.

If you are looking for the best dental care in Cambridge, then coming to Galt Dental Care is the best place to start! Call our professional dental team today and let us help you smile again!

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