Bottle Cap vs Teeth

Did you know that tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body? However, we definitely do NOT recommend using your pearly whites to open bottles, and here’s why. Majority of bottle caps are made of metal or contain some sort of metal, meaning your teeth don’t stand a chance. If you’re guilty of using your teeth to open a bottle then you’re most likely experiencing micro-fractures of your enamel. What the floss is a micro-fracture? It’s something that happens each time you use that molar to crack the cap off your coors-light. Picture a stone hitting your windshield and causing a crack, then over time the crack starts to branch and spider web- same thing is happening to your chompers. Oh and not to mention we need the enamel of our teeth, so unless you like that feeling of discomfort when you bite a Popsicle, keep doing you. For those of you that want to make a change, we have advice for you: JUST GRAB A BOTTLE OPENER!

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