Dental Emergency? Here’s what you can do

Time and time again, you may catch yourself taking that extra pain reliever to block out the throbbing pain in the side of your jaw. Too many times you have put that lidocaine gel on your tooth that has kept you from eating the things you love. When your tooth …

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Wisdom Teeth: reasons you should remove them

To some, wisdom teeth can be a real pain, but not having them extracted could be even more of a pain in the mouth! Getting your wisdom teeth or “Third molars”  removed isn’t nearly as bad as you might think. In fact, the wisdom tooth procedures available today can make …

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Manual Or Electric?

Every time you see your hygienist they will ask you: how many times a day are you brushing? Are you using a manual or electric toothbrush? Pretty standard questions now days, but back in 1498, the question was whether or not your toothbrush handle was made of bone or bamboo! …

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